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The Recent History of Light and Sound Meditation

I want to share with you the recent history of Light and Sound meditation so you can better understand what it is, where it comes from and how I came to be teaching it. I guess the most important thing to say right away is that Light and Sound Meditation is actually an integral part of life, the universe, and human consciousness. The energy involved is The Energy behind everything, however because most people are not necessarily aware of it then it can seem like something un-believable, until you experience it for yourself. Think of it like this: Everything comes from The Source, which is Love in its purest, highest form. From this undifferentiated Source of pure Love, spiritual consciousness comes into manifestation as an energy vibration which can be perceived within meditation as Light and Sound. As this spiritual energy cools down its vibration becomes slower creating the lower levels of awareness such as mind, emotions, physical body and matter (the tangible world around us). Light and Sound Meditation is the process of tuning into these higher energy vibrations, and being guided by the intrinsic intelligence of the energy to reconnect to The Source, which is Universal Love, or the state of being which some people call Enlightenment.

Initiations, Light & Sound, and Masters

The word Initiation is often used to describe the process of connecting a person to this Light and Sound Energy so that they have the potential to become aware of it and can then meditate on it. It goes without saying that the person doing the initiation must already be connected to the energy. The connection once made is permanent.

A Master is a label used to describe a person who has the natural ability to realise their own enlightenment and to then initiate others and throughout history there are stories of living masters who reveal the energy to others such as the story of Lord Krishna who initiates Arjuna in the book, "The Bhagavadgita". Today there are a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups around the planet. It is important to appreciate that there is a difference between a meditation guide teaching the philosophy or concept of Light and Sound Meditation and an actual teacher or Master who can directly reveal to you Light and Sound Energy by initiating you and then guiding you in the practice of Light and Sound Meditation.

The ultimate reason for Light and Sound Meditation is to realise Enlightenment, whereby you transcend all limits, including the higher spiritual realms to merge with and become The Source. Although it is seen as the goal or end of the spiritual journey, it is really just the beginning, as Enlightenment brings so much potential for joy, love, healing, and compassion. Beyond the physical presence of teachers and Masters there is a guiding intelligence present on all levels of spiritual consciousness. Many people are probably already familiar with the concept of Spiritual Guides, Light Beings, Angels of Light and even Ascended Masters. These intelligences really do exist, and there are people who can communicate with them, and working with these intelligences, guide and teach others. A good example in recent times was Alice Bailey who channeled one such Ascended Master, Djwal Khul.

Of course this may all sound a bit hard to believe, and it was for me too, until I experienced it first-hand. I'd rather you didn't just believe me because all I want to do is help you find out for yourself. Really that is the only way for you to know for sure. My role is not to convince you but rather reveal to you the energy so you can experience it first hand.

Light and Sound Meditation Groups

So bringing this article back to more recent times, in the 1960's originating in India there was a meditation group called Divine Light, who taught Light and Sound Meditation. There may have been other meditation groups but this is one that I've heard of. Ordinary people were initiated into awareness of Light and Sound Energy. The ability to initiate had been passed down the family lineage and hundreds of people in India, America and Europe were initiated to become able to meditate upon Light & Sound Energy. One person who received initiation was based in the UK and after being initiated in 1974, the same year I was born, he quickly transcended the level of awareness that his teachers had access to and realised Enlightenment. He discovered that not only was he able to initiate others into Light and Sound, but that he was a Master able to take people all the way to their Enlightenment at will.

So realising this gift he had, in 1975 he began teaching Light and Sound Meditation in the UK independently of Divine Light, although his approach was similar adopting their structure, terminology, and core teaching style.

My Own Journey to Discover Light and Sound Meditation

Stepping back in time a little, I first started meditating 36 years ago when I was just a child. I didn't have a teacher or any books (and the internet didn't exist!), but being naturally sensitive to energy, like many children are, I was curious to find out more. Following my intuition I experimented with different ways of breathing; focusing my awareness in my brow chakra (third eye); and using crystals.

Fast forward to 1997 and I was studying Biology at Manchester University, in the UK. There I became friends with a fellow student called Maree. One day in conversation I raised the topic of meditation with her and it turned out she'd been meditating on Light & Sound Energy for a few years. I wasn't sure whether to believe her or not as I'd not heard about Meditation involving Sound and Light energy before, but I trusted her as a friend and I figured I had nothing to loose from finding out for myself. It certainly seemed to be what I'd been actively searching for too. It was the first time that someone had spoken to me about the fact that we can have an awareness that goes beyond the mind and personality, and that really got my attention.

She introduced me to a couple of teachers and I went along to weekly lessons to find out more. They gave me a powerful mantra to meditate on and 13 months later I was initiated into Light & Sound by a man called Nick who also lived in Manchester. He explained that he had been initiated and Enlightened by his Master and it was through his Master's connection to what was described as The Master Principle, a spiritual intelligence which guides people to Enlightenment, that initiation was possible. At the time I'd not met his Master, that would happen about a year or so later in 1999. The experience of meditating on light and sound was completely different from what I had noticed in meditation previously, it was a quantum shift, which is saying something as I had already enjoyed some pretty amazing experiences within my meditation up to that point.

My Spiritual Journey and Becoming a Light and Sound Meditation Teacher

I started teaching others while practicing mantra meditation, prior to being initiated for Light and Sound Meditation. As I progressed along my own journey I helped a number of other people get access to Light and Sound. Some of whom I'd been friends with for years, which was great as we could openly share the experience, swapping notes and generally agreeing that this was the real deal!

I met a lot of different and varied people who all shared similar experiences of the energy and was lucky enough to find teachers as I moved around the UK for work. Each meditation teacher also brought their own personality, ideas and experience into the mix. I stayed focused on the big picture, the fantastic meditation, and the energy which was the real deal and I'm grateful to everyone who gave their time and shared their insights to teach me and others during that period.

Even before I discovered the Light and Sound meditation I was passionate about sharing what I knew with others and my enthusiasm to teach and try different approaches meant that at times I felt it best not to be part of a group, which had fixed ways of teaching, and so I spent time on my own figuring out what works best while still teaching meditation and sharing what I was learning with others. The energy was always there and for me being spiritual doesn't mean having to belong to a particular group. After all a spiritual journey is about realising that there is one thing everywhere and it's all you, the ultimate freedom, so all structures ultimately are either supportive or a hindrance and it's important that a person follows their intuition and gut instincts. Sometimes we need space to grow and sometimes we need structure to direct us.

After a few years of enjoying my meditation, teaching independently and learning useful skills for guiding others, I re-established contact with my old teachers and in June 2009 I was lucky enough to realize the state of Enlightenment. Since then I have volunteered as a meditation teacher independently of any particular group, but happy to stay in contact with those loving people who are genuine, kind and want to learn and help others. To this day I am still in touch with people I met in various groups and am eternally grateful to those teachers and my Master who helped me realise Enlightenment. It is from an open heart that I choose to teach others and in a small way repay the kindness that was shown to me by others.

The Role of Higher Intelligences

It's a pretty special time on the planet, from the 60's till 2016, as I write this, that many normal people around the world, just like you and me, have gained access to Light and Sound Energy and thus discovered for themselves awareness on higher spiritual levels, well beyond their crown chakras. Some of those have been lucky enough to complete their journeys and realise Enlightenment. In the early days of teaching Nick's Master explained that as well as via himself as a living Master, people could also realise Enlightenment by working directly with what he called "powerful spiritual beings", which is a reference to Ascended Masters or "The Hierarchy" as some people call them. You can read an excerpt of an article from 1986 which describes more about "the ways to Enlightenment" here. In 2015 I learned that a number of people, who like me had already been Enlightened were now in direct contact with this Hierarchy of spiritual beings. Working directly with them they are making initiation and ultimately Enlightenment available to many more people than any one person could.

I have also experienced direct communication with these higher intelligences, and working with them since early 2016 I have initiated people into Light and Sound Energy, helping people to progress towards their Enlightenment. I continue to teach meditation, from complete beginners through to Light and Sound Meditation, and will gladly work with, help and guide anyone who is sincere, kind and open hearted. It truly is an amazing time that we have all chosen to be born into...

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