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About Mark, the Meditation Teacher

I was born in the UK in 1974 and have always been interested in meditation and also the healing arts. I've got dual British and Italian citizenship and have lived mainly in the UK but also in Italy.

My day job is working as a freelance web consultant and I've got a Degree in Biology and a Masters in Bioinformatics. I love the outdoors and nature in general, and you'll often find me walking my Collie dog or enjoying photography.

"You can find out more about my qualifications for teaching meditation here, and I also go into more detail about my approach to teaching meditation here. People have asked me how I became a teacher of Light and Sound meditation and what light and sound meditation is, so I've written a brief history of Light and Sound Meditation and my own story here. I hope that in sharing this you'll be inspired and realise that this is real and that if I can discover these things, then so can you!"

Mark Zaretti, Meditation Teacher

Mark zaretti meditation teacher - light and sound advanced meditation

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