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My Meditation Teaching Style

When I first started meditating I still had a very scientific perspective. I wanted to prove to myself beyond doubt that there was more to life and a purpose. I also wanted to make sure that the amazing experiences I was having within my meditation were more than just an active imagination. Years later and it is safe to say that there is definitely more than just imagination and this is reflected in the way I teach. My background has helped me develop a evidence and experience based meditation teaching style, allowing those I work with to become competent at and derive enjoyment from their own meditation. I am not interested in convincing you to believe one thing or another, rather I'll give you the advice and practical meditative instruction to explore your own meditation and make your own insights and realisations. My teaching focus is always on how to best assist the person or group I am working with.

Mark - Meditation Teacher

Meditation For Beginners

After attending one of my courses, classes or one to one training sessions, you should have the foundation of skills needed to enjoy and explore the many benefits from your daily meditates. The more you use the techniques I will teach you the more benefits you will get. Over the years I have run meditation training courses, meditation classes, skype meditation lessons, and meditation in the workplace sessions.

My role as a meditation teacher is to empower you to be more capable and autonomous with your meditation, so that you get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your meditation.

Intermediate Level Meditation

If you are a more experienced meditator wishing to improve and learn further or perhaps explore different types of meditation I can help you refine your meditation techniques and provide experience based guidance and feedback based on many years of meditation and teaching experience. I do not belong to any one school of meditation or belief system and have taught people from a wide range of backgrounds including Transcendental Meditation (TM), Buddhism, Krishna, Yogis, tantra, Reiki Masters and so on. Most people find they can progress further and meditate with more ease.

Group Meditation Course Class 2008 "I first started meditating about 10 years ago. I attended this course to increase my focus on my meditation and help me to explore my meditation more. This course has taken my meditation to new levels. Techniques I've learnt on this course have really improved the quality of my meditation and have helped me get stiller quicker. It has also given me some invaluable life skills. The course has been assisted with concise notes at the end of each class which provide an excellent reference guide."

Simeon Ramsey, 33 Kent, 2007

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Advanced Meditation Guidance

I have been meditating on Light and Sound Energy Meditation since the late 90's and have been teaching people who have access to light and sound since circa 2000. If you are already meditating on light and sound energy and would like guidance then please feel free to contact me. It does not matter who you were given access to the light and sound energy by, we are all meditating on the same energy, feel free to get in contact. If you do not have access to this more advanced form of meditation and would like it then I can help you access light and sound energy meditation.

Some of the things we can explore together might be:

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