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Sitting on the tube today on my way into London I picked up the Metro newspaper (8th April 2010) and two different articles got my attention:

Say Om

In this article they say that saying a mantra like Om can reduce stress and depression by up to 48% according to two studies in the US.

The "Om" sound, like all sounds is a vibration which when repeated internally resonates certain parts of your aura and energy field. A very soothing and calming effect. When I teach people they have the opportunity to experience even more powerful mantras and work with pure sound vibration. Taking their meditation even further into quite frankly amazing depths of stillness and inner peace. What I really love about this is that this is provable! Every person I have taught in the last 10 years has reported that when they use these mantras and other techniques regularly that they actually feel great and get real positive benefits.


Doherty takes up new vice - Tai Chi

This article (page 32) tickled me too. Pete's probably no stranger to altered states of awareness due to his reported drug taking over the years. The problem is that drugs "force" your awareness and consequently cause damage as the shifts are imbalanced. Now he's experiencing "balance and serenety" in a natural way by using Tai Chi - a physical form of meditation.

I have used Tai Chi with three different teachers over the years and it's a fantastic way of gaining physical and etheric balance. As with all meditation techniques the "object" of meditation also defines the limit of where your awareness is expanded. So a physical meditation like Tai Chi which works with the physical body and chi (etheric body) will expand and balance the awareness in the Physical and Etheric planes. This is great for meditators because it then makes it a lot easier to become aware of the more subtle vibrations beyond these bodies. Well done Pete, maybe you're finally waking up! :)


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Posted by Mark Zaretti at 07:16

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