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Letting People Know About The Benefits of Pure Energy Meditation

I've just designed a postcard to promote the meditation classes in Leeds that I'm now running. It's a real challenge to describe the benefits people can get from meditation in just a few words.

This is what I came up with:


Learn how to relax deeper and calm your mind. The natural way to de-stress, boost your energy levels while improving your health and wellbeing. Most importantly you can begin to explore your inner self and discover from your own experiences just how amazing it is to finally connect with your deeper consciousness. If you want to feel really good and are curious about life, then now is the time to do something positive, learn meditation the simple way...

So have a look at the design above and do let me know what you think. I'd be interested to know what you would have written if asked to describe meditation and its benefits in one paragraph. Look out for these postcards around Leeds!

Thanks Mark


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Posted by Mark Zaretti at 16:43

Aalia Nebhan
14th September 2012 at 05:46

Ommeditation will help you meditate while you work, play, do household chores, take a shower, make love and learn to connect to your chakras and energy body, and integrate meditation into everything you do.

Mark Zaretti
14th September 2012 at 08:12

Hey Aalia, thanks for the input. Yes the Om mantra is very harmonious. I've mentioned it on the "Mantra Meditation" page which is under the "What is Meditation" section. Mantras are a great way of people starting to explore their higher aspects (energy, chakras, kundalini etc) and as you say, they can be enjoyed anytime. The most powerful way to use a mantra is to focus on it completely as the more attention and energy you put into a mantra, the more you get its benefits. Keep up the good work. http://www.pureenergymeditation.com/pure-energy-meditation-self-development-exploration-mantra-meditation.php

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