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Book update - Spirituality and Meditation Guidance book will be coming soon!

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

I've finally finished writing my book which will be called "The Simple Truth". It's all about meditation, spirituality and is everything I wish I'd known when I started. Over the years of teaching I've had the chance to explore teaching approaches and refine how I work and in this book I'm sharing my insights, lessons learned and really useful practical advice. It's aimed at anyone who's interested in finding out about meditation and the bigger picture of life. It's also a really useful resource for those who teach meditation too. There's practical advice and guidance as well as lots on psychology and some subjects that are a little Taboo at times.

Here is the Table of Contents for the Meditation Book:

The Simple Truth


The Seven Levels Within Manifest Creation


Beyond Manifest Creation

Teachers, Students and The Master

Working With Personalities

Responsibility Of The Teacher or Guide

Responsibility of the Student



Attitudes That Support Meditation

Outside Is A Mirror Of Inside

Practical Advice for All Meditation


Meditation Techniques

Choices That Support Meditation

Common Misconceptions



So I've sent it off to an editor and if any of you know a good publishing company, I'd love to hear from you. As ever I'll keep you posted and I'm really excited to see this book coming together. Thanks again to those of you who contributed questions and inspiration!


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Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:34

Caroline Owens
13th January 2013 at 18:57

Hi Mark
I just read your book outline and I must say that it sounds wonderful
And I am very much looking forward yo buying and reading it.
I know about the work / and the personal and emotional commitment that goes into writing a book so a very big congratulations to you.
I also have used a wonderful printing house recently who did a great job on my own recently published book.
Best wishes

Mark Zaretti
13th January 2013 at 19:38

Thank you for your feedback Caroline. It's been many years in the making and I'm excited to finally see it in print. I'll keep you posted and I would be interested in your experiences of getting published. Many thanks

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