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A few musings on the numerological symbology of the transition from 2012 to 2013

For those numerologists out there 2012 was a 5 (2+0+1+2) and so 2013 is a 6. 5 represents the 5 senses, and it also appropriately represents confusion because it is neither 1 or 10 but half way between them! As we have moved into a 6 this represents creation and the manifest and limited universe. Think of a block of stone, it has 6 sides. If you unfold a cardboard cube you end up with a cross shape made of 6 squares. The symbology of a cross represents consciousness in creation hence "man nailed to the cross" symbolises man's consciousness trapped withing creation..
So moving from the confusion of the 5 senses world into a 6 means recognising the limits of the boxes, which sounds like a pretty good metaphor for meditation. When we sit down and let go of our 5 worldly senses and tune into inner stillness which takes us beyond the limits of our experiential boxes 6.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 14:23

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