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A New Year and a New Moon - Meditation Reflections for 2013 and 2014

As one year ends and another begins it is a good time to look forwards and also to reflect on the past. To celebrate success and to hope for even more positivity. I'll be bringing in the new year with a meditation running up to midnight here in the UK. I hope you can join me in sending out positive vibrations and good intentions.

Meditation and Looking back on 2013:

2013 saw the start of me teaching at the Orchard in Horsforth. It's been a lot of fun with over 25 people coming through the doors to learn meditation in group classes. I've also been teaching a number of people 1 on 1 and have run a number of well attended free meditation taster sessions too.

In 2013 I also had the pleasure of teaching at the NHS offices in Leeds. Approximately 20+ people attended an evening workshop in which I taught them basic, yet powerful, breath meditation techniques to combat workplace stress and to re-energise. The feedback on the session was great and it was a pleasure to watch people visibly relax and benefit immediately from practicing meditation.

On a personal note 2013 also saw me complete my relocation from Kent to Leeds with a lovely house in Calverley which really was an exercise in intentions manifesting something positive.

Moving back up North has also given me an opportunity to reconnect with old friends who I used to meditate with back in my Manchester days. It's great to be back in touch and for those of you who I'm now working with I look forward to many more meditates together in 2014.

As you know I'm driven by my desire to share what I have learned from meditation with as many people as possible so that they too can realise just how amazing it can be for themselves. So I was really pleased in 2013 when I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to the "Absolutely on Purpose" book project by the talented writer Stephanie Holland. I first worked with Stephanie on an article for Natural Health Magazine in 2011 so it was lovely to reconnect with her and I wish her every success for her book and future projects. Her book topped the Spiritual book charts when it was released and the 5 star reviews speak for themselves. Well done Stephanie. 

2013 was also the year of travel. My day job as a film maker took me literally around the planet and I had the chance to meet people and discuss meditation in Japan, India and mainland Europe. What is lovely is that despite our differences we are also so very similar and spirituality has more to do with the people involved than the places they find themselves in.

Having the website is a great way of helping people discover more about meditation and to support those already interested. In 2013 I launched the meditation forum which is public and also has private threads for more advanced meditation practitioners too. I'm always interested in what would be most helpful for people so any feedback is gratefully received. I know that many of you are also teaching meditation and helping people out there so I thought I would share some of the facts and figures with you from the website to help share ideas, inspirations and motivation too:

  • In 2013 the site had over 3,600 visits from 3,000 different people.
  • 80% of the visitors were new people.
  • The top 5 countries were the UK, USA, India, Canada and Australia
  • The most read blog article was about "using meditation to find answers to questions" which was read 514 times
  • I received over 100 email enquiries about meditation from the public.

Meditation and Looking forward to 2014:

  • The change of the year is ushered in with a new moon which is perfect for a fresh start and new beginnings! There's plenty of new meditation classes, courses and projects to look forward to in 2014.
  • Kicking off the new year on the 6th I'm giving a talk to approx 200 people about the benefits of meditation. Then the 7th (nice number) sees the first of many regular meditation class in Calverley. I'll also be teaching a free meditation session in Horsforth in January and Introduction to Meditation courses later in the year.
  • I've also been invited back to the NHS offices in Leeds to record a podcast about meditation.
  • My book project on meditation, which is now over 45000 words, will be published (yes this is finally going to happen!). Thanks Stephanie for the inspiration to complete this project.

A bit of numerology for fun for 2014.

2013 was a number 6 (2 +1+3) the number of creation, limits and structures.

2014 is a number 7 (2+1+4) a very positive number with lots of spiritual connotations. 7 main Chakras, 7 colours, 7 levels of consciousness. 7 is a 3 (triangle) on top of a 4 (square). The square can be thought of as the animal part of our being, the reactive unconscious element. The triangle is the higher more awake aspect of us. Where 4 is limits, 3 is movement and action. We are enabled to act (3) by the structures and foundations (4) which we have built to support us.


So wherever you are and whatever you plan for 2014 I wish you all the best and I hope that 2014 also brings more stillness, peace and love into your life. It is a real motivation and pleasure for me to know so many lovely people who are interested in finding out more about meditation, stillness and sharing what they find with others.

To all of you good folk I wish you Love and Light

Keep those hearts open!


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 19:40

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