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Almost there... it's been many years in the writing (and re-writing) so I thought I'd give you a quick update. Although size is not important and what really matters is the content it is now at over 53,000 words. This represents over 30 years of meditation experience and crammed with useful, practical and down to earth advice and discussion on meditation drawing on over 15 years of teaching experience.

I've set myself the goal of publishing the book this year and soon so I'm giving you this up-date as a way of keeping it in mind. I woke up this morning and started writing at about 5:30am. That's when the idea for another chapter came to mind and I've found that when writing, it's best to get stuff down while the moment of inspiration is happening. So that's another useful chapter written. There's just so much useful stuff I want to share with your all!

Here's the current contents:

----Believing is Not Being
----A Definition of “Spirituality”
----Why Do You Believe Anything?
----The Limits of Words
----The Trap of Expectations
----So Much Information to Get Lost In
----Why So Many Forms Of Meditation?
----What Are You Paying Attention To?
----Where Are You Paying Attention From?
----You Have Been Meditating Your Whole Life
----The Seven Levels Within Manifest Creation
--------Physical Body/Plane
--------Etheric Body/Plane
--------Astral/Emotional Body
--------Mental Body
--------Higher Mental Body
--------Intuitive Principal
--------Atmic Point
----Awareness Within Manifest Creation
----Beyond Manifest Creation
----The Big Picture
----The Illusion of Self
Teachers, Students and Masters
----Working With Personalities
----Responsibility Of The Teacher
--------Duty of Care
--------Spiritual Guidance
--------You can Change Your Teacher
--------The Teacher Does Not Have To Teach
--------Relevant Meditation Advice
--------The Chance To Progress
--------Less is More
--------Experience Is Important
--------Spiritual Qualifications Do Not Exist
--------Teaching and Money
--------Health Advice
--------Results are The Measure of the Teacher
----Responsibility of the Student
--------Self Motivated
--------Body and Health Aware
--------Be Honest With Your Teacher
--------You Are in Control
--------Progress Is A Gift, Not Demanded
--------Love, Enjoy and Be Kind
--------The Prerequisites for a Cult
--------The Damage That Cult Like Behaviour Can Do
--------How to Protect Yourself From Cult Like Behaviour
--------Why a Truly Spiritual Person Will Never Be a Cult Member
----The Illusion of a “Journey”
----Understanding The Process Of Spiritual Growth
----Preparing For Spiritual Growth
----Attitudes That Support Meditation
--------Being In The Present
--------Love What Is In Front You
--------Respect Your Lower Self
--------Let the Great Dictate To The Small
--------Enjoy the Journey, Let go of the Goal
--------Stop Trying To Meditate!
--------What Did You Say?
--------Defiantly Resigned
--------Get Out The Way
--------Trust Your Own Experiences
----Outside Is A Mirror Of Inside
----Practical Advice for All Meditation
--------The Room
--------Timing And Time
--------Starting and Finishing Meditations
----Meditation Techniques
--------Breath Meditation
--------Mantra Meditation
----Choices That Support Meditation
--------Alcohol And Smoking
Common Misconceptions
----“Spiritual” Means Behaving a Specific Way
----You Have to Wait Until You Are Ready For Spirituality
----Spirituality Makes You Invincible
----Anything a Spiritual Teacher Does To You Is Appropriate
----Women Cannot Become Enlightened
----You Can Attain Enlightenment Over Many Incarnations
----Some Places Are More Spiritual Than Others
----The Blind Can Lead the Blind
----All Spiritual Phenomena Is Just Chemistry
----The Act of Meditation is For Entertainment
----You Can Get a Certificate in Spirituality
----Once You Have Realised A State You Will Understand Everything About It
----Enlightenment is the Goal
----The Benefit of Meditation
----Understanding Limits, Awareness and Love.
----Resistance to Change
----Personal Transformation
--------Awareness of Self
--------Acceptance of Self
--------Transcendence of Self

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