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Recharge Battery

I'm traveling around Europe at the moment on a driving holiday in my campervan/mobile home. It's a great way to explore places and to enjoy a more spontaneous way of living. It may sound tranquil but it is also hard work at times and sometimes in surprising ways. For example yesterday it was 38 degrees centigrade! A nice problem to have but not when you're stuck in heavy traffic on a motorway. Needless to say a lot of driving and extreme heat would leave anyone feeling a bit drained. It's times like these that I use meditation as a very therapeutic tool to take care of the body. Normally I'd consider it a way to access more spiritual awareness but I'm also always mindful that it is also a great way of rebalancing and re-energising the body. I also took the opportunity of the sunshine today to recharge my solar batteries too. What a great analogy! So next time someone asks "should I meditate regularly" think of this. Our aura or energy field is our battery and everyday life drains that battery. When we stop, meditate and reconnect with energy which is beyond our body it's like allowing our solar panels to receive light. This energy recharges our aura and helps to restore balance. If we don't recharge our batteries regularly then they become flat. It's the same for our energy bodies. Meditation can be like sunbathing in spiritual light. Talking of which... it's time to relax by the pool!

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 12:05

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