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Setu Wellness event LeedsThe phrase "Mind Body and Spirit" seems to get (over) used a lot. But I think it the world would be an even better place if it was used more! Even better than being used, would be for the nature of "Mind, Body and Spirit" to be known, lived and understood by many more people. So I was really pleased when I was invited to present a part of a day long workshop organised by SETU Wellness at the Tetley in the Centre of Leeds, UK.

As Ayisha Tareen, the organiser explained to me,

"This is a feel good day for a wide range of people to begin to explore more spiritual aspects of wellness, self development and healing".

Roisin Allana Kiernan: Yoga & Movement for Healing, Opening the Heart and Wellbeing

Roisin Allana Kiernan Yoga Teacher

The first part of the day was all about increased awareness of self through movement. Under the caring and expert guidance of Kundalini Yoga instructor Roisin Allana Kiernan with many people experiencing yoga for the first time. Although for some there was definitely movement "beyond their comfort zone", it was done in an ambience of being nurtured and gently supported so that people were free to dance, move and "grow". A truly wonderful example of working through the body to harmonise the energy and "spirit".

Karen Heras-Kelly: Inspiration, Motivation and Helping Align the Mind

Karen Heras-Kelly Inspiration

A fantastic lunch with many vegan options (yay!) was set out so that people could eat healthily while digesting the morning workshop. With their bellies full and their hearts more open (thank's to Roisin's heart opening exercises) they sat back and enjoyed inspiration and motivation from Karen Heras-Kelly, who wove fact, story telling and inspiration into people's lives. Following the mind, body and spirit theme she showed how people can use their bodies to literally become aware of and let go of those pesky thoughts and beliefs which hold people back! Nice work Karen!

Mark Zaretti: Meditation for Reduced Stress and Connecting with Inner Stillness

Mark Zaretti - Teaching Meditation 2016 - Tetley Leeds

So that left myself to follow in the footsteps of two wonderful and inspiring teachers who both very much #liveyourtruth as Roisin says.

What was so nice for me was the synergies and way there was a natural thread of connectedness running through the different parts of the day, and so it felt a natural progression to get down to some wonderfully still meditation. I was really pleased with how people were able to go inside, notice, become stiller - to start exploring a different level of self-connectedness.

Even the woman who declared at lunch "It's impossible for me to meditate!" found herself becoming stiller and enjoying a different way of approaching meditation. I love it when people think they can't meditate, maybe because I like a challenge, or maybe I just recognise that we all come from a place of limits and for those people the revelation of inner stillness is even sweeter as it is tinged with surprise!

Do You Realise You've Already Started Meditating?

The reality is that we can all meditate and as I explained on the day, if you've ever lost yourself in a film, piece of music, gazing out of a window, or in the eyes and heart of another wonderful person, then you've already experienced meditation! Meditation is the art of giving your attention gently to something. My role is to help guide that attention towards the deeper more profound inner worlds where people can discover naturally a way of being, healing, and loving that makes life so much more fun, beautiful and stress free! On this particular day my role was made all the more easy by the wonderful work Roisin and Karen had already done.

We are One.

Years of teaching meditation has shown me time and again that the mind and body do really matter. Not only are we each connected to each other, which makes workshops and events so much fun as we share in self discovery and growth, but on an individual level, the different parts of what make you you: your mind, body and spirit, are also connected forming a single whole!

Every morning I do a little yoga to help align my body (and wake it up!) before I meditate. Doing so makes it so much easier to go deeper, and so I can really recommend people learn a bit of Yoga, and I can 100% recommend Roisin, because she lives and breaths what she teaches.

Likewise it's so important to respect, honor and embrace your mind and thoughts as they can be your best friend helping you to stay motivated and at ease on your personal journey to health, wellbeing and spirituality. Karen is as wise as she is kind and I'm happy to have worked alongside her, shared some stories and seen her in action and I'm sure she'd be able to help you become best friends with your mind, finding clarity and harmony.

Finally a big thanks to Ayisha for basically making this event happen. Having run meditation workshops, classes and events in several countries I know first hand how much work is involved and the fact that she made it look effortless is testament to her skills. I look forward to the next SETU Wellness workshop, which I'm sure will be fantastic.

Ayisha TareenSetu Wellness with Ayisha Tareen http://www.setuwellness.com

Organising wellness retreats in the UK and Dubai, focused on helping people discover balance, relaxation, stress reduction and wellbeing. For both individuals and corporations.

Roisin Allana KiernanRoisin Allana Kiernan http://www.roisinallanakiernan.com

An advocate and teacher of yoga and a keen writer. She offers yoga classes and workshops and collaborates with musicians and others to help people #liveyourtruth.

Karen Heras KellyKaren Heras-Kelly http://www.houseofcoaching.co.uk

Empowerment coaching and training that connects you to your true power. "Dream today, transform tomorrow…"

Mark Zaretti meditation teacherMark Zaretti

Meditation teacher, guide and writer, helping people from complete beginners to advanced meditators to progress along their spiritual journey, discovering a deeper and more integrated connection to their amazing inner stillness and self.

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