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If you've been following my blog over the years you'll recognise this topic. Well it keeps coming up and when I look at the analytics for search terms it seems that the number one question is about this very topic. So following on from the original blog I wrote about using meditation to make choices a bit easier I decided to do a quick video blog about it too. Here's the video. It's part 1 because in part 2 I provide a guided meditation to help make choices with less anxiety and stress.

Meditation Can Reduce The Mental Stress and Anxiety Associated with Tough Decisions.

In this video, which like all the others is un-scripted and done in one take, I explore the different ways meditation, and the stillness it unlocks, can help make decision making a lot less stressful.

I hope you are finding the videos useful, I'd love to hear your feedback so do feel free to get in touch, and also do share the videos with anyone who may be interested in finding out the truth about meditation for themselves.

Peace and Love


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 23:33

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