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I like the idea of a seeker of truth being someone who will challenge anything including their own journey to truth. Much like an explorer of the wild, so when I found myself exploring the great outdoors recently I grabbed my small video camera and despite the windy conditions decided to record a video blog on "what is kundalini and is it spiritual".

I've been teaching people for over 20 years and many of them come from a tradition of yoga, kundalini meditation and other paths. I'm always delighted to hear about their experiences of energy, chakras and kundalini, but equally I'm saddened when someone who is seeking the truth creates a limit to their own journey by becoming too attached to a particular practice. Ultimately truth goes beyond any limit and in the pursuit of truth we must all be willing to challenge our beliefs and ideas and ultimately replace them with being that which we seek.

In this short video I answer some of the questions about kundalini energy that I have been asked both by meditators and yoga practitioners. Watch the video to find out more and enjoy.

It was very windy so I apologise for the slightly poorer audio quality on this one, but I think it's more important to get these videos out there than worry about perfect production qualities. Enjoy, share and as ever feel free to contact me.

With kindness and peace


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 15:57

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