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The FREE to download Meditation eBook has been really successful with approximately 200+ people already having read it. A number of people, like myself, prefer to read books the good old fashioned way which is printed. So I've worked with a publisher and you can now get a professionally printed paperback A5 copy of my Meditation Book.

Unlike the eBook which is free the printed version does cost as printing and shipping are not free. Having a printed option as well as the online and downloadable versions just makes this book even more accessible. You may know someone who isn't online or doesn't get on well with technology and they can now read this real physical meditation book.

Find out more about the book and get your free meditation eBook version here.

Order your printed version of the meditation book here.

View the meditation ebook directly in your browser here.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already got a copy and shared them with others. The goal here is to get the really empowering information in this book out to as many people as possible.

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Posted by Mark Zaretti at 15:40

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