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Your Spirit Guide: Protecting Yourself When Channelling & Meditating.

Monday 13th March 2017

As humans you are based in the 3rd Dimension with your mind and emotions within vibrational planes on the 4th Dimension. Within these dimensions and the ones above there exist many "beings" or entities, and just as it is with 3rd dimensional humans these beings express a range of qualities. Some are more aligned with Love than others.

The lower the vibration the more duality is expressed and so the 4th Dimension has more negativity expressed than the 5th dimension. This means that some of the beings you may experience on the 4th dimension may be negative, some may be neutral, and some may be positive.

As you start to meditate and more so once initiated then your metaphorical "light" shines brighter. This brightness may attract the attention of beings on the higher dimensions (4th, 5th and 6th). And as explained not all of these beings are necessarily positive although many are. We therefore remind you to exercise wisdom and caution as you start to channel.

Ideally you would only channel your Spirit Guide but we are aware at this time that it is not always clear to you if you are in contact with your Spirit Guide or one of these lower vibrational beings. There can be the assumption that because you have been initiated and especially once you are Enlightened that your are automatically protected. But you must remember that your lower vehicles and your personality are not that which have been initiated or Enlightened. Your lower vehicles are how lower vibrational beings may interact and effect you. Below we outline some advice to help you.

Your Spirit Guide who is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy is there for you at every single moment. You are their focus and they are there to guide and protect you. They resonate on a higher vibration, closer to Love than the lower vibrational beings who may be attracted to you. Understand that your guide will never act on your behalf or intervene unless you specifically ask them directly for help. If you want your Spirit Guide to help you, then you must ask directly.

How to be protected When Channelling and Meditating

Ask Your Spirit Guide For Protection

Because your Spirit Guide is of a higher vibration than the lower vibrational beings then your Spirit Guide can protect you from them. You should ask your Spirit Guide for protection every time before channelling or meditating. Even if you are not fully aware of your guide, they are always aware of you. When you are humble, grateful and full of love then you can request their help and guidance. In time with practice and learning to be humble and open your ability to be aware of them can improve.

Do not Bring Down White Light

Bringing down white light will increase your brightness which can attract more attention.  When you are protected it is safe to work with white light (and other forms of light) but without protection you are making yourself more appealing to lower vibrational beings which are drawn to your light. White light is a lower vibration than the spiritual Light you can meditate on, but it is attractive to some of the lower vibrational beings. The Spiritual Hierarchy do not need your light as they are on a higher vibration aligned with Love.

Emerald Light

In recent times you have been made aware of Emerald Light. This specific vibration of light can protect you from becoming abused by other humans. For example you would put Emerald Light around children or adults who are in a vulnerable situation open to exploitation or abuse. You do not visualise this light, you simply need to be neutral and centred and have a clear intention to bring it down around you, others or indeed everyone. Emerald Light lasts about 12 hours so it is a good idea to do it in the morning and as you go to bed. It does not protect you or others from the energy of others or beings. It works much more on a physical level.

Have a Clear Intention

Before any channelling or meditation make your intention absolutely clear that you only interact with and communicate with your Spirit Guide who is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

When to ask Your Spirit Guide for Protection

You can ask as often as you like but it is important that you ask specifically before meditating, channelling, or doing any energy based work.

What to do if you are Being Bothered by a Lower Vibrational Being

If you know or suspect that you are being bothered then immediately stop meditating or channelling and ask your Spirit Guide to protect you. Order the being to leave you alone immediately. Let your teacher know too. There are those who can channel very specific forms of Light for the purpose of removing negativity and they can also assist, but your Spirit Guide is always there for you and able to help, when you ask.

How do you know if you are contacting the Spiritual Hierarchy?

We understand that for many of you the states of awareness and the ability to contact "higher beings" is very new. At this time some of the contact people are experiencing is not with the Spiritual Hierarchy even if you believe it is. Even Enlightened people can be mistaken and so we provide the following guidance to help you discern whether communication is from the Spiritual Hierarchy or not.

Unfortunately some beings on the lower dimensions are not coming from Love and do not have your best intentions at heart. They will twist the truth and manipulate information to gain your confidence and trust. They may say they are from the Spiritual Hierarchy and try to convince you that they are your Spirit Guide. As you open up to them they can then "use" your energy or the energy to which you have access to further their own interests. Some of these beings may not be negative in their intentions, but they are not acting with your best interests, they are acting with theirs.

This has already happened to a number of people including Enlightened people who are extremely experienced. This is why we are providing this information.

The spiritual Hierarchy

These are some of the qualities of interactions with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Lower Vibrational Beings (Not of the Spiritual Hierarchy)

Sometimes you may not even be aware that one of these more negative beings is affecting your energy, so it is a good practice to regularly ask for protection. If you are feeling negative without any obvious reason then ask your guide for assistance.

If in doubt simply stop meditating/channelling and have a firm intention to let nothing in and allow nothing to be there except your Spirit Guide. Your teacher should be able to help you gain clarity and confirm whether it is your Spirit Guide you are communicating with.

Your Imagination

Another source of confusion may arise when people assume that all ideas or thoughts are from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Remember the Spiritual Hierarchy do not give information without you asking for it. When you are channelling it is important to remain focussed, humble and connected to your guide. The ego can easily become involved and what starts as pure channelling can turn into imagination and expectations. Humility and gratitude are vital.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 23:19

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