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Practical Advice about the Day of Initiation into Light & Sound Energy. How to Prepare

Thursday 6th July 2017

Love heart chakra

In the Days Before Initiation, How to Prepare

In the days before initiation, it is a good idea to make sure your physical vibration is as balanced as possible.

The advice above really relates to the few days before initiation. Cick here for a more detailed exploration of those factors which help you to prepare and find real ease in meditation.

What Happens on the Day You Receive the Energy

Initiation is often done over 2 or 3 days but can be done in 1 day. The idea of having more time is to allow you time to sit in and enjoy the deeper stillness that initiation creates the potential for.

A typical day might be:

09:00     Everyone gets together and guidance and instructions about the day are provided

10:00     Start meditating: A mix of guided meditations, receiving the energy, learning advanced meditation techniques, gentle discussion/feedback.

14:00     A light lunch. (Let your teacher know in advance if you have special diatery needs)

14:30     More sessions of meditation, and gentle feedback.

18:00     Finish and gentle advice on how to progress.

Obviously the above is just an example and each teacher will have their own favoured approach. But typically the day will be about 6 to 7 hours long. There will be plenty of opportunities for toilet breaks and to drink water.

Practical considerations on the day

Here are some practical things that will really help you to enjoy and get the most from the day where you receive the energy:

Best Advice for Meditation: Keeping Humble

Initiation is a beautiful and natural event during which your lower vehicles are permanently connected with divine Love, which can then be experienced in meditation as higher Light and Sound Energy. Everyone starts in the same place, which is their lower vehicles (mind, emotions, body, personality, ego), and it is only natural that some people may believe that because they have been given the opportunity to receive initiation, that it means they are “special” or they are being “rewarded” for their efforts. The spiritual journey is a chance to become limitless Love (Enlightenment) rather than to identify with those limits which need to be Loved (personality), so it is important to appreciate that every soul is special because they are a part of the whole. Being given the opportunity to receive initiation is not a reward and is never earned. It is an absolute gift of grace and by embracing humility and gratitude we can create vibrations within our lower selves which align more closely with the vibration of Light and Sound Energy which comes from Love. The more humble a person is, the more ease they have in experiencing the Light and Sound Energy and being guided back to Love, this is because it is not the personality which is initiated.

In the run up to initiating people I regularly check with Divine Intelligence to make sure it is appropriate to initiate each of them. Sometimes, if a person is not ready, for example if they are more focused into their personality than into neutrality and Love, then I may be asked to wait more time before initiating them. A person who has been given a date, may then be held back, not out of judgement, but simply to give them more time to create the best opportunity for them to align their lower self with Love, and to strengthen their ability to meditate. It can also go the other way where I am told to bring forwards an initiation. I always trust the guidance I receive from Divine Intelligence since it is only ever motivated by Love and kindness. Any feedback is always an opportunity for everyone involved (teachers and those aspiring to be even more spiritual) to learn and grow towards Love. As a person becomes more ready for initiation they will naturally be experiencing and integrating with humility, gratitude and respect for the process. These loving qualities, which I've also discussed here, can be fostered through intention and a sincere desire to align with Love. Humility is empowering as it really can help a person to have the courage to fully let go and explore higher consciousness, since the vibration of humility helps more Love to flow through them.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 09:40

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