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You may have noticed that I haven't written any articles in a while, so I thought I'd let you know why.

Since October 2017 I have been working on a big project which has taken up most of my spare time. In fact you may already be benefitting from this. The project is to create a complete online video meditation course, and I'm pleased to say it's well underway.

In October I started planning all the videos and in November the project began in earnest with renting out a studio space for 5 full days of filming over a 2 week period. This video is a timelapse of filming one of the videos:

Then came the post production. Each meditation video tutorial goes through the process of:

  • Editing - to bring together footage from different camera angles etc.
  • Colour grading - to make sure the colours and brightness are right.
  • Titles added and artwork created
  • Audio processing - to clean out background noise, make sure the levels are consistent etc.
  • Recording the guided meditation audio - for many of the videos there is a bonus audio guided meditate, which is recorded in a sound booth and then edited into the video. This guided meditate is also saved as a free to download guided meditation MP3.
  • Uploaded to YouTube - description, tags, titles and other bits of information are manually curated.
  • Added to the online training course page

As you can see there's a lot of care and attention that goes into each video (about 7 hours for each). At this time over 30 of the 45 meditation video tutorials are already live and ready for you to benefit from.

Who is this Online Meditation Video Training course for?

As with all the teaching, articles and other resources on this site, the video training course is completely free.

It's aimed at anyone who would benefit from having a stronger connection to inner peace, stillness and universal Love.

The first part of the course introduces meditation and helps people to go deeper, and have more ease with meditating. 

The second part of the course really helps people to understand the bigger picture and how to progress with their meditation into more spiritual Light and Sound meditation.

Meditation Guidance for Complete Beginners

For complete beginners this is perfect as no previous experience is needed. But if you're already meditating or are a practicing yogi then you'll find each video full of useful guidance to help you move your meditation on to greater levels of stillness.

Meditation Guidance for Experienced Meditators

For those already meditating on Light and Sound including people from traditions like Divine Light, Ching Hai, Sant Mat, Lifewave, and other paths then they'll have a much better understanding of what Light and Sound is and how to go deeper into Light and Sound Meditation.

Free Online Meditation Training Video Course

So I hope you really benefit from this online training course. If you want to help support this work then please share the videos with others and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Subscribing is free and it simply means is that you'll be emailed when I uplaod the next video.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 09:41

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