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Beginners Guide To Learning Meditation

When I first started to "Meditate" I was about 7 years old and I didn't even know that what I was doing was called "meditation". But that's the wonderful thing about all forms of meditation. Meditation is a personal experience and only you can do it for yourself. You could learn from a book or a guided audio track. There's loads of videos out there too. Of course the best way is to find a meditation teacher. I sometimes run free meditation taster sessions for beginners so that you can meet me and decide if I am the right teacher for you. It doesn't matter really where you start, the most important thing is to be mindful of three things:

  1. Why do you want to meditate at this time? Whatever the reason, it may change in the future, but the better you understand what you want, then the better you can look for the way. For example, Tai Chi (moving meditation) is great for strengthening the bones, physical energy and crystal body, however there are more transcendental forms of meditation which may take you further in other ways.
  2. What is the best resource available to you? Being practical about the resources you have, always strive for the best. If it is a teacher then find out as much as you can. If it's a book then read around.
  3. Is what you are doing actually helping you achieve your goal? Whatever you do, your time is the most precious thing and so make sure that if you are meditating then it is having the desired outcome. Sadly I have met people who have dedicated decades to becoming spiritually awake and yet they had not gone beyond their crown chakra into realms where spirituality begins. It was not their fault but rather their teachers were not admitting to their own limits. It is your time - use it wisely.

How Do You Get Enlightened?

Wow, this is the BIG question and I'm going to answer this as directly and honestly as I possibly can. There's so much misinformation and fantasy around this subject that I want to speak plainly to you. So firstly lets define things.

What is Enlightenment?

The Path To Enlightenment

Step 1. Meditation for Beginners

Everyone starts in the same place, from within the lower levels. You need to prepare for advanced meditation and this is where your meditation teacher can guide you. Generally speaking this is what you should be looking at in order to start Light and Sound Meditation:

Step 2. Starting Your Spiritual Journey - Initiation into Light and Sound Meditation.

At this point if you've not already had a look at the page about higher consciousness Light and Sound Meditation then it's worth having a look now. I'd also recommend you look at the page where I talk more about my own journey as I explain in detail there the role of teachers and the Light and Sound meditation energy. So assuming you've got an idea what Light and Sound Meditation is then this is where your Spiritual journey starts. But lets just clear up some confusion right away. When I say spiritual I don't mean, mediums talking to the dearly departed. I mean higher consciousness, non-manifest, beyond your crown chakra and your lower vehicles; I mean consciousness in energy. So the start point of your spiritual journey is the process of initiation or you could say attunement. For this to happen, someone who already has access to the energy needs make a physical connection with you by gently placing their hands on your head during a special meditation. What actually happens is that they act like a bridge between the pure, loving intelligence on higher levels and your physical and lower energy vehicles. This process then creates a spiritual vehicle/body within higher consciousness for you to use to experience spiritual awareness. Like any vehicle the more you use it (meditate) then the more you get from it and the easier it becomes to explore with it. So upon initiation into Light and Sound you have the chance to perceive spiritual light and spiritual sound within meditation. This is unlike the light and sound you may experience within meditation from the mental or astral planes. In some traditions this state is known as "Yogi" meaning union with divine energy. This connection is permanent and amazingly special as without it, there is no way to escape from the lower levels of awareness.

Step 3. Going Beyond Form - Second Initiation.

After meditating on light and sound energy for a while, you have the opportunity to go beyond the limits of your mind. This is the true transcendental meditation and is not based on mantras or philosophy. During the second initiation your consciousness is expanded well into the higher spiritual planes (of which there are many) until you go beyond what is called "the void", a vast plane of spiritual consciousness. Once this is done, you are beyond your mind, but as with all expansions of consciousness you still have full access to your lower vehicles including your mind, emotions and body which are also always present. The big difference is now through letting go into this greater consciousness you will be beyond thought and personality while still having them. You'll have to find out what I mean for yourself as that's really the only way.

Step 4. Transcending all Limits - Enlightenment.

The journey up to this point has been pretty amazing so it's hard to comprehend what more there could be, having already gone beyond the forms of the lower vehicles, realised amazing things and freed yourself from the mind and personality. But the final initiation/expansion takes you beyond all things and that includes the vast planes of spiritual consciousness. This final expansion is without dimension, time, location or identity, it is simply beingness. Not doing. It is enlightenment. Love. Becoming the source. Words really fail (understandably) but this is the real deal. The ultimate goal, and it is possible!

Step 5. The Real Beginning.

What more could there be having realised Enlightenment? Surely that's the end? Well yes and no. You see, everything you've identified with up to the point of enlightenment is a limit of some sort, so it's only at the point of Enlightenment that you are truly free. The question is what do you want to do with that freedom? Upon becoming "The Source", "Absolute Love", you have amazing potential and you still have a personality through which you can channel that potential. There are still all the planes of consciousness to explore, although now they are a part of you, within your superconsciousness. You will find that the more you open your heart and come from Love then the more "good" you can do in the world like healing, teaching, guiding others, spreading kindness, or just simply enjoying your life free from fear, and free from the karmic cycle of birth and death.

How Exactly Do You Progress From Initiation To Enlightenment?

As I've explained above (step 2), once you are connected to the energy, which is permanent, you meditate on the Light and Sound vibrations. These energies guide you by revealing the true nature of spirituality and you. For the subsequent second and third initiations there are several options:

  1. A Hierarchy of Spiritual Intelligence. If you are able to be really focused, still and open in your meditation then you can connect with teachers and ascended masters on higher levels who can guide you. The secret is to make yourself a channel for pure love and to demonstrate this as much as possible in your life, thus opening up your heart centre making it easier for a connection to higher energy (love) to happen.
  2. Working With a Living Master. Sometimes on the planet there will be a living master, who is Enlightened like other Enlightened teachers. But the big difference is that a Master has a special aura which allows them to be much more present on higher levels and work more energetically. If you have access to a living master then they can perform the initiations for you, either 1) directly with physical contact as before, 2) remotely as you have a connection to them via the light and sound energy, or 3) Via another living enlightened person who is working with them and acts as a channel for the Masters energy.
  3. Working with an Enlightened Teacher Who Can Initiate. If the enlightened teacher has also done a lot of work on their lower vehicles such that they are a pure channel for love, allowing their "personality" to be neutral enough for the process, then they can physically transmit the energy, like a conduit, from the spiritual hierarchy directly. This is the way I work, in cooperation with ascended masters.
  4. During a High Energy Grace Period. Like all things, the energy for higher consciousness, moves in waves/cycles. This is why this route to enlightenment has been called LightWave by some, in recognition of the fact that the energy is cyclic. These high point waves of energy or "grace" are blanket love, and anyone who is very capable at meditation and who is already initiated into spiritual light and sound, has the opportunity during these "grace periods" to realise the expansions, or state changes as some call it. I already know of several people who have done this for both second initiation and Enlightenment.

As you can see the key for the serious seeker of truth is to be initiated into Light and Sound Meditation and then there are several ways to complete the journey.

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