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Guidelines for Meditation Students To Get the Most From Meditation

I've been teaching for many years and I often get asked for advice on what makes a good meditator. I've also seen what tends to work better in terms of student/teacher dynamics so what I have put below are those qualities and attitudes which generally have the best results for the student.

Mark, meditation teacher

  1. You should be self motivated to meditate. Once instruction has been given, then those students who meditate regularly (at least once a day) get the most from their meditation. Your teacher cannot meditate for you.
  2. Take care of your body and health as a healthy happy body makes meditation easier. Your teacher may give you practical health advice, it is your responsibility to investigate this and to also seek medical advice if you have any health issues. Your teacher is a meditation teacher, not a doctor (unless of course they are a doctor!).
  3. Please be honest and open with your teacher about your lifestyle habits and choices. If you are smoking, drinking, eating meet, using drugs or anything else then please tell your teacher so that the teaching given is appropriate. When working with a meditation teacher, there is the possibility to sit within their energy field and the teacher may be affected by your vibration. Your teacher will help you to make positive lifestyle changes if you want and when you are ready.
  4. At all stages you are in control as it is your journey. The teacher may give advice but it is your choice to follow it. While devotion has its place, this journey is about self empowerment and ultimately realising Enlightenment, which is becoming one thing everywhere, or put another way, you get to realise that everything is you and it's just Universal Love. The more you reference your own inner awareness and realisations then the easier you will find it to progress so enjoy your journey.
  5. Your teacher wants you to progress. If you are not progressing then it is because your teacher does not think you are ready yet. You cannot demand to advance spiritually as it is grace. Instead feel free to discuss what needs to be done in order to progress. It is fine to show willingness to progress and as I said, your teacher and the universe want you to progress!
  6. I thought I'd save the best to last. Enjoy your meditation and be kind to yourself and others. Those students who progress and seem to get the most from this journey are those who come from the heart, enjoy the process and enjoy life!

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