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Meditation for Exploring Higher Consciousness

Light and Sound Meditation

Unlike the lower levels of consciousness which are very much based around the vehicles and sense of identity they create, the higher levels of consciousness are much more about oneness and love. Since these higher realms are beyond the reach of the vehicles a person normally has access to, because they are vibrationally much faster, then they can only be reached with help. Put another way, "there is no thought you can have that can take you beyond thought". So how do you get access to these higher levels of consciousness? The simple answer is that someone who is already connected to these higher levels can connect you to them too. I explain this in my own journey and how I discovered Light and Sound Meditation. Although there are many more levels of higher consciousness than the 7 lower levels we normally experience, there is really only one vehicle for exploring these higher levels: the Light and Sound energy.

"Light and Sound Meditation within the higher levels unlocks the potential for spiritual growth and Enlightenment"

When meditating within the lower level there is always a sense of location and being separate from the things being experienced. One of the big changes as a person starts a more spiritual journey meditating on light and sound energy is that it is not just about observing and experiencing, or even doing, it becomes more about letting go, expansion and becoming. So whereas for example you may experience astral (emotional) energy as colour within the lower levels, on the higher levels you don't just experience light energy as coloured light, you can actually become that energy. This is the true secret to spiritual development, it's not just experience, but becoming. You don't experience limitlessness, you become it! That is "Enlightenment". Think of the Light and Sound energy, on which you focus and meditate as an intelligent guiding principal (some call the Master Principal) which exists so that you can become oneness, the source of love, Enlightened, Unity, Love, call it what you like.

The Role of a Spiritual Teacher

The role of a spiritual teacher who has already expanded their own awareness sufficiently is to pass on energy to raise your awareness enough so you also become fully aware of this Light and Sound Energy. Once you are attuned to this light and Sound Energy, then by practicing regular meditation on it there is a natural process of expansion and transcendence to become increasingly more aware of greater states of higher consciousness. There are a number of key realizations or expansions of consciousness which people have the potential to realise through advanced meditation once the spiritual journey has been initiated:

The really great news is that in every stage of your "spiritual journey" your awareness expands and so the personality and lower vehicles which are now supported by these greater energy states are along for the ride too. Nothing is sacrificed or lost.

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