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A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Meditation can be described as the practice of gently focusing your attention inwards, with the goal of becoming more aware and present. For example focusing on inner stillness to naturally become calmer, free of mind chatter, feel more revitalised, and centered. Meditation helps you get more in-touch and reconnected to your "inner self" regaining balance. Through meditation you can discover subtler levels of consciousness which encompass more profound awareness including your higher mind, intuition, being oneness with all things, and awareness of your higher self. Of course how you focus in meditation and what you are focusing on, such as breath, mantra or energy, can vary and so it can appear that there are lots of different types of meditation. Meditation however is timeless as it is simply a natural part of human consciousness and while there are lots of ways to meditate the more you discover how everything is connected then it becomes easier to see that really there are just two kinds of meditation:

  1. Meditation for Exploring Lower Consciousness
  2. Meditation for Exploring Higher Consciousness

The Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice

Over the years I've noticed many health benefits for myself and also in those whom I've taught meditation to. These benefits include lower blood pressure, better sleep, improved energy levels and of course reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Another benefit of meditation is increased mental clarity, life perspective and a greater sense of calmness. Being calmer and having more clarity will naturally reduce stress levels as well as improving productivity and performance in your everyday work life. Increasingly businesses are teaching meditation to their employees to reduce workplace stress and improve staff morale and performance. The term "Mindfulness Meditation" is very popular and it is one of the techniques I will teach those wanting the benefits to the mind from meditation.

Beyond the obvious health and life skills benefits mentioned above, meditation represents a natural and safe way to explore more of your inner identity and world. Anyone who is curious about things like "chi energy", self-healing, psychic ability, tapping into intuition, auras, chakras, energy meridians and so on can begin to explore these through meditation. When guiding people with Light and Sound Meditation I have helped people from many backgrounds including Reiki Masters and healers who have gone on to discover an even deeper and more profound level of stillness, energy and peace. Put simply meditation allows you to discover what has always been there and is a natural part of you.

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