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Mindfulness Meditation - Learning How To Be Present

Mindfulness is an approach to being totally present, in the moment and at peace within that. Anyone who has meditated, irrespective of the type of meditation will probably have experienced mindfulness. However as an approach, rather than stumbling into that "present state", mindfulness is proactive about creating the state. There are three aspects to mindfulness:

  1. Being intentionally aware which means choosing to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and any sensations within the moment.
  2. Being non-judgmental which means accepting without prejudice, comparison, morality and expectation whatever it is that you are noticing.
  3. Being in the moment which means your attention is purposefully on the present. So often we are either thinking about the past or thinking about the future. Being in the present means "now".

Mindfulness Helps Reduce Stress and Unhappiness.

So much of the stress and unhappiness people have in life is because of their own judgment of their life, measured against their own expectations. As we become more in the present then we can let go of comparison (the past) and anxiety (the future).

For those wanting to develop their awareness further into more spiritual realms, they will come to realise that mindfulness alone cannot transcend the mind, just as any of the forms of meditation based on identifying with a limit are intrinsically limited. However the attitudes and insights that mindfulness can provide are very beneficial and create a good foundation from which to explore more advanced forms of meditation.

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