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Meditation for Exploring Lower Consciousness

Different kinds of meditation and the chakras

We all have a mind, emotions and body which nicely describes 3 of the subtle bodies of a human. There are 4 other 'levels' of lower consciousness, which are the etheric, higher-mind, intuitive (also called Buddhic) and Atmic. You can find out more about them here. Each level has different qualities and for the best part most people will, by the very nature of being human, only be really aware of their Body, Mind and Emotions (astral). Unless you are naturally sensitive then it is only when we start to meditate and move our awareness within, that we normally start to notice that there are other ways of being aware.

There are a number of different meditation approaches to "noticing and being more internally aware within these 7 levels". Equally there are also a lot of different philosophical approaches to the question "how do I stop noticing my mind so that I can be more aware of these other levels?". What all these types of meditation have in common is that they are focused within the lower levels of consciousness and that while they can reveal more of what you already have access to, they cannot transcend the levels they focus in. They are however of great benefit to you because they have the potential to create more balance, harmony, and to bring your awareness into a more "spiritually awake and receptive state".

Different Kinds of Meditation

This list is by no means complete but it gives you an idea of the range of meditation techniques available to enjoy exploring the lower levels of awareness with.

"Meditation within the lower levels is great for self-discovery and self-development"

These lower levels are amazing to explore but I would be letting you down if I didn't stress that if you really are a seeker of truth, love, and wishing to transcend limits, then you need to also transcend awareness within limits. The limits of the lower vehicles can never reveal that which is "Limitless". Naturally though these lower levels are where everyone starts their journey, so it's nice to know that there are so many benefits to meditation within them:

Health and Wellbeing benefits of Regular Meditation

Understanding How the Different Lower Levels/Vehicles are Related

Let me draw an analogy. If we take water and cool it down it becomes ice which is solid. It has a hard edge and is tangible. If we heat it up it becomes water which has no fixed shape and which flows and has currents. Water can move things and can be moved. If we heat water up it becomes steam, which is intangible and very fast, having a lot of energy. The only difference between Ice, Water and Steam is the vibrational level that the water molecules are at. This is a good analogy for understanding the different vibrational levels of consciousness. Ice is analogous to our physical body. Water is analogous to our emotions, more fluid, less tangible, quicker to change but none the less real. Steam is like our thoughts, our mind. It has so much energy it drives us, it propels us, gives us our purpose and thoughts can change very quickly.
So when we identify different levels of our awareness: body, emotions and mind, we can talk about each as being on a different vibration or energy plane. Thought is not emotion, and emotion is not physical awareness and yet they are all related while being discrete.

By practicing shifting our awareness between our emotions, body and thoughts through meditation techniques, we can explore and enjoy these states of consciousness. In classical teaching, as well as the mind, emotions and body there are additional levels of awareness and together these are said to be the "lower seven levels of consciousness". Interestingly there are seven main energy centres (chakras) within a person which correspond to these seven levels of consciousness.

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