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Meditate With Open Eyes - Candle Meditation

This is one of the meditation techniques that people are often first drawn to when learning to meditate. We are used to giving our attention to things every day. We may stare at a TV screen, laptop, book, out a window for hours "loosing ourselves" in the experience. With open eyed meditation we can place our focus on a single point and allow our awareness to get drawn in. What we are doing is teaching our brain to focus and be present. There are similarities between candle meditation and some approaches to mindfulness meditation. The result is similar too.

What is the Purpose of Meditating on a Candle?

Training The Mind To Focus

The first reason is that it gives your mind a visual point of focus, and because the candle flame is constantly changing then it can help you keep your awareness present as the flame "draws your attention". Thus it can help us develop more mental focus and the discipline of not getting distracted.

To Remind You That Life is Finite

Another more esoteric reason why some teachers may have suggested meditating on a candle was to remind their students that everything is constantly changing and that everything is temporary. The metaphor of a candle burning down and a human life is plain to see. For me though there is little benefit other than a metaphorical insight.

Meditation on Fire - Trigram Li Understanding Through Constant Focus

Another reason, though seldom taught is to "become one with the element of fire". The more you give our attention to something, the more you know its nature. Esoterically fire is the manifestation of faster astral energy on the physical level. In the trigrams of the "I Ching", the book of change, fire is shown as a broken line between two solid lines. The two solid lines represent the physical and the astral levels of consciousness with the broken line between them representing fire as the "gateway" between.

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