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Understanding Breath Meditation

I often tell people "You are your breath." What I mean by this is that how you breath really does determine so much of your experience of self. When your breath is balanced then your energy and body become more balanced. When your breathe slower then your mind slows down too. When you breathe deeper then your body relaxes. When you stop breathing, well you stop. The first thing you ever did was breathe in and the last thing you will ever do is breathe out.

Understanding the Power of Your Breath

When you breathe in you bring fresh oxygen into your body, and as you breathe out you get rid of CO2, the waste product of metabolism. Thus breathing is a constant cycle of bringing in fresh goodness and letting go of waste. On a more energetic level the same process is happening. We breathe in fresh energy and breathe out that which is no longer needed. How we breath will determine much of our mental state as well as our wellbeing.

A Calmer Mind and More Inner Peace With Breath Meditation

Every single person I have taught breath meditation to, upon regular practice, has reported back positive benefits in terms of wellbeing, health and inner calm/peace/stillness. Learning how to do breath meditation is relatively easy and anyone can learn. I find the best way is to have a lesson, within 1 hour you'll have the basics. I have recorded a short MP3 audio guided meditation introducing a simple form of breath meditation. There are a number of breath meditation techniques I teach depending on what you need and what you want to explore.

Learning Breath Meditation

I can't stress this enough, your breath and how you breath is vital to your wellbeing. If you did just 5 minutes a day of a specific breath meditation technique, which anyone can learn, then you would start to notice real benefits. We all breathe, right? Well yes, otherwise we would die, which gives you a clue as to how important breathing is. If breath was the cup of life, then most people are sipping from the cup. It's enough to sustain you but how would things change if you learned how to bring more energy into your body? If you learned how to use the breath to relax your body and calm your mind? If you discovered that there is a stillness and space on the inside which has nothing to do with thinking, emotions or your senses?

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