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Increase Your Awareness of Subtle Energies Through Crystal Meditation

pure energy meditation Your etheric body, which is psychically seen as a black and white checker board, is the energy "blue print" for your physical body. Everything has a vibration and minerals are no exception. Minerals in your body, through resonant vibration, allow your physical body to interact with and interface to your etheric body, which is part of your aura. Think of minerals as velcro allowing your aura to stick to your physical body. Crystals contain minerals in pure and concentrated amounts and when you look at them you'll also notice they have qualities of colour and geometry too. Colour and geometry are also vibrations.

By placing a crystal on or near your body you bring its vibration into the awareness of your etheric and physical body, thus allowing it to promote similar vibrations within your energy field (aura). You might like to think of crystals as tuning forks helping your body become more harmonious. Of course different crystals have different frequencies and can have a strong effect on the body. They are definitely not toys! Crystals are often used for healing the body and helping to "opening awareness". With the right guidance they can be enjoyable and rewarding to explore.

Crystal Meditation Using a Quartz Point

The crystal above is a quartz point, which I often use when teaching people how to hold a crystal and meditate on it. Meditation for crystal awareness is one of the meditation techniques I teach in one to one or group meditation sessions.

Meditation and Why You Don't Need Books To Learn About Crystals

As you meditate you may become more intuitive and sensitive to subtle energy. You may wish to explore crystals intuitively - without the need for books.

Pure Energy Meditation - Crystal Awareness Training

In the image above, taken in 2008 in Kent at one of my Pure Energy Meditation courses, I am demonstrating to a group of meditators the best way to hold a crystal for crystal meditation and awareness.

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