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Kundalini, The Yin Yang Sexual Energy - Meditation

Kundalini meditation energy Kundalini or "serpent energy" is shown in the diagram as the two strands of energy forming a coil that travels from the red base chakra to the "crown" chakra. These two energies are opposites in quality one being "yin" and the other "yang" so that when they cross it is at the neutral points of the seven main chakra's.

Kundalini, the Body and Sexual Energy

These male and female (yang and yin) energies naturally move around the body helping to maintain balance and proper function of the vital organs. They also help regulate our body temperature. Kundalini energy is the sum distillate of the energy we draw into our bodies from breathing, food, and drink. When we orgasm this Kundalini energy (which is sexual in nature) rises from the base chakra and flows up through some or all the chakras re-balancing each one - a very nice experience indeed!

Does Raising My Kundalini Mean I am Enlightened?

By using very specific breathing techniques and mantra, kundalini yoga practice, or receiving an kundalini energy attunement from an experienced Light and Sound Meditator we can learn to control and raise our kundalini energy. Because of the balancing and harmonising effects of kundalini energy then this is extremely beneficial. It can literally help clear out the emotional, mental rubbish we carry around. Kundalini energy is the naturally flowing energy within the geometries and vibrations of our lower energy bodies. Even when it is raised, it is still operating within limits and cannot take your awareness beyond its own limits. Enlightenment is absolute and limitless and so while raising your kundalini is a pretty amazing experience, it is not Enlightenment. True spirituality starts beyond the crown chakra. Kundalini energy vibrates at levels slower and hence below the crown chakra. Kundalini meditation is often used to prepare for advanced Light and Sound Meditation. Remember though that it's not a question of "which is better" as every level is contained within the levels above it. So Kundalini awareness is as much an important level within your wholeness as any other. The real question is "do you want to transcend all levels to become The Source, Enlightenment?".

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