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Meditate on Sound Vibrations - Mantra Meditation

A mantra is a series of one syllable sounds that have no meaning but which resonate specifically within your aura, energy centres and awareness. Mantra meditation helps you to become more aware of, and experience, specific naturally occurring energy vibrations. Regular mantra meditation can strengthen your awareness within your subtle bodies. Because of their vibrational nature they act much like a tuning fork and can bring about positive change within your energy system. Opening up chakras and getting your energy flowing.
The people I teach, often very quickly notice very definite effects when using mantra meditation regularly.

Historical Mantras

Mantras have been used for thousands of years and there are some classic mantras like the "Om" which still have a pleasant, if limited effect. There are also a lot of historical mantras which are either based on repeating the names of eastern Deities, or sanskrit letters. All sounds have a vibration, and as such, will have some effect. Sadly many popular mantras demonstrate little benefit. Repeating a name or word, no matter how old it is, does little. These mantras would be like a thirsty man repeating the word 'water', while it may remind him of what he needs, it does little to quench the thirst.

How Do You Use a Mantra?

Mantra's are repeated internally with clarity and emphasis, using your mental energy as you repeat them with your mind. They are excellent for working on the lower vibrations within your awareness. Because a mantra is said with the mind then it cannot help you to transcend the mind, in the same way you cannot lift yourself off the ground by pulling on your own shoe laces.

What is The Purpose of a Mantra?

There are two main reasons to use a mantra. The first use is to explore your lower vehicles by building up awareness within the structures and vibrations of these vehicles.

The second purpose is to prepare you for the advanced Pure Energy Meditation by using very specific mantras, which have been passed on from a spiritual master. These advanced mantras work by creating more balance in a persons energy and aligning the flow of energy within the lower levels. This makes it easier for them to meditate on the faster and softer vibrations of Pure Energy Meditation.

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