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Online Skype Meditation Lessons and Guidance

Online Meditation Lessons Over Skype Meditation is all about you becoming more aware and connected to your inner stillness. Through Light and Sound Meditation you can also realise that you are more than your personality, that there is just oneness and that you are connected to all things beyond all limits and even time.
Modern online technology like Skype, which is free to get, provides an amazing chance for me to reach and communicate with people all over the planet including you.

Private Meditation Coaching on Skype

I appreciate that not everyone can attend my courses & classes in person. Maybe you live too far away, in a foreign country or don't find traveling very easy. Skype represents a great way of dissolving geographic boundaries. I will happily guide individuals or a couple over a Skype video meditation session.

One to One Online Meditation Coaching by Skype:

I am quite flexible with the times I can do Skype coaching sessions. When you contact me we will find a time that works for both of us. Because I teach individuals for free then please understand that I only have limited slots available.

A Skype meditation coaching session is typically 30 mins to 60 mins long. During the online meditation session you will have a chance to discuss meditation and meditative techniques as well as being given appropriate meditation guidance, advice and mentoring.

How to Book:
To book a session simply send an online email or call me on and we can find a time that works for us both.

What to expect:
The skype sessions are oriented towards coaching and mentoring, and although they are not in person I will still teach you a number of ways to relax, calm your mind, and become more aware of, and reconnected with, your inner stillness. I will introduce and guide you on a number of meditation techniques including breath meditation, crystal awareness and mantra (sound) meditation. I will work with complete beginners, those with some experience and people interested in exploring beyond their mind and emotions with Light and Sound Meditation.

Please read this handy Skype tutorial before your online one to one skype meditation lesson.

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