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Guided Meditation MP3s

Download FREE guided meditation MP3s, created by Mark.

Guided Meditation MP3 - Counting Breath Meditation
In this guided meditation I introduce a simple to learn but powerful form of breath meditation. This is ideal for beginners and also for more experienced meditators to use too. Many people have reported health benefits having used this breath  meditation as it is energising...


Guided Meditation MP3 - Making Decisions Easily
I recorded this short guided meditation as part of a video blog. In this guided meditation I help you to make a decision more easily. Typically this is a situation where you have to choose option 1 or option 2, what you might call a...


Guided Meditation MP3 - Circular Breath - 15min
This audio download is a guided meditation which lasts about 15 mins and introduces a simple and yet powerful form of breath meditation known as "Circular Breath". Who is this guided meditation aimed at? This is ideal for complete beginnners or anyone who wants to...