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Guided Meditation MP3 - Making Decisions EasilyGuided Meditation MP3 - Making Decisions Easily

Guided Meditation MP3 - Making Decisions Easily

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I recorded this short guided meditation as part of a video blog. In this guided meditation I help you to make a decision more easily. Typically this is a situation where you have to choose option 1 or option 2, what you might call a binary choice. In this meditation you can sit back, relax and find more peace and stillness within which you will find it easier to reflect on your choices and make the best decision with ease.

I really understand how stressful it can be when there are choices in life and you don't know which is right for you. This free to download and use MP3 guided meditation is designed to help you.



Format: MP3 audio file
Length: 11:35 (min:sec)
Size: 8.3 MB
Bitrate: 160KBps
Released: 22nd June 2016