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Online Course - Guided Meditation #4 - Energy & ChakrasOnline Course - Guided Meditation #4 - Energy & Chakras

Online Course - Guided Meditation #4 - Energy & Chakras

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In this guided audio meditation we explore becoming more aware of  your inner energy, and start to explore chakra awareness. Chakras are energy centres within your body which contribute to your awareness of self, awareness of others and awareness of your more energy based nature, which ultimately is Love. As we develop our ability to notice the flow of energy within us we can start to become even more connected to inner peace and stillness, and importantly become more energy balance. Be sure to check out the full video that this guided meditation is from by exploring my FREE Online Meditation course.

This Guided Meditation MP3 is a deeply relaxing guided meditation suitable for anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or have years of experience. I recommend sitting somewhere comfortable with your eyes closed and listening through headphones for a deeper experience.

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