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Mark Zaretti - Light and Sound Meditation Teacher for EnlightenmentHello I'm Mark Zaretti a meditation teacher, and I've been teaching meditation for 20 years. I first started exploring meditation 36 years ago, when I was a young child. I didn't have a teacher or meditation guide to help me, but I was naturally sensitive to energy and auras. Curiosity led me find out more and so I began meditating by following my intuition. I would sit with my eyes closed and simply enjoy experimenting with different ways of breathing, shifting my awareness, or using crystals, to go inside and become more aware of energy, stillness and inner Love. By the late 1990's I found a number of meditation teachers and I also began teaching others. Around that time I also discovered a more advanced form of meditation, referred to as Light & Sound Meditation. As the name suggests it is the practice of meditating on inner light and inner sound frequencies which vibrate faster than your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Although it's called Light and Sound Meditation I usually explain to my meditation students that it is Light, Sound, & Stillness because inner stillness is the key to experiencing the Light and Sound energy vibrations. This understanding has helped shape my teaching approach.

"Stillness is just another way of saying Love"

Free Meditation Lessons

I teach one-to-one meditation lessons for free and I teach people face-to-face, or online anywhere in the world using Skype. English is my first language but I can also speak basic Italian and have taught meditation lessons in Italy too. I don't charge for my guidance and all I ask is that people pass the kindness on to others.

Experience Based Meditation For Anyone

The way I teach meditation is very practical, down-to-earth, and based on having actual spiritual experiences rather than needing to understand any abstract philosophy or beliefs. I have taught people from many schools/groups of meditation including Buddhists, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Lifewave/Path, Hare Krishnas, Reiki Masters, Shintaido, Mindfulness etc. Most importantly I also teach complete beginners! Often meditators come to me because they are stuck in their meditation. It is not unusual for someone to feel they have reached a plataea within their meditation, as if they have reached a limit, and I work to help them move beyond their blocks, sharing techniques and approaches that have already helped others as well as myself. Ultimately I connect people to Light and Sound energy so they can progress on their journey to Enlightenment.

It is Simply Called "Light & Sound Meditation"

That's it, it doesn't need a fancy name because it is simply meditating on the energy which comes from The Source, from Universal Love. Pure and simple, which is why I called this teaching "Pure Energy Meditation". It doesn't belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone and is the same for everyone. I don't teach a system of belief, I just want you to discover for yourself and from your own experiences within meditation. My role as a meditation guide is to teach you how to meditate so that you can experience Light & Sound Meditation and ultimately to realise Enlightenment for yourself. You can develop spiritually and finally realise, beyond an idea or belief, that you really are an amazing spiritual being.

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